Complaints Policy for

Last Updated: 31.01.2024

1. Introduction

Welcome to [Bailiff Help Team] (“we,” “our,” or “us”). We value your feedback and are committed to addressing any concerns or complaints you may have regarding our services or website. This Complaints Policy outlines the procedures for submitting and handling complaints.

2. How to Submit a Complaint

a. Contact Information: You can submit a complaint by contacting us through [email address], [phone number], or [mailing address].

b. Online Form: Alternatively, you may use our online complaints form available on our website [].

3. Information to Include in Your Complaint

When submitting a complaint, please provide the following information:

a. Your name and contact details. b. A clear description of the complaint, including relevant dates and details. c. Any supporting documentation or evidence.

4. Acknowledgment of Complaint

Upon receiving your complaint, we will acknowledge it within [insert timeframe, e.g., 2 business days] and provide you with a reference number for tracking purposes.

5. Investigation and Resolution

a. Internal Review: We will conduct a thorough review of your complaint to understand the issues involved.

b. Communication: We will keep you informed of the progress and expected resolution time.

c. Resolution: We will strive to resolve your complaint within [insert timeframe, e.g., 15 business days] from the date of acknowledgment.

6. Escalation

If you are dissatisfied with the resolution provided, you may request further escalation by contacting [escalation contact details].

7. Feedback

We welcome your feedback on our complaints handling process. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

8. Confidentiality

All information provided in the course of the complaints process will be treated confidentially and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Complaints Policy, please contact us at [].